Make It Predictable



L. D. Pankey DDS is perhaps the father of modern day dentistry's "journey of excellence" and "hero" to patients for his advocacy of a standard of care and caring. His development of "the Cross of Dentistry" has shaped the profession's perspective of the successful practice and well balanced dentist. Pankey quite simply promoted that the dentist must know him/herself, know the patient, know the work, and always give their best effort.

As he reflected over this four-cornered challenge, he concluded that "the most difficult part of the cross, was to know yourself," and "the most neglected part was to know your patient."

The purpose and mission of this organization is to resource those two gaps still at issue within dentistry. The doctor must be skilled at projecting the value of the practice both verbally and non-verbally, and with intention and integrity. In addition, the dentist needs the skill to form a loyal and lifelong relationship in a short framework of time that enables the influence of the practice vision to be felt in treatment plan recommendations.

The dentist or dental practice can never reach full potential until the doctor is engaged in a professional and personal growth plan and/or each patient can report they feel valued, liked, and respected at each point of contact. The patient and staff must sense the practice purpose at each interaction with the doctor, and that purpose must hold value and benefit to each of the stakeholders. And yes, there is evidence based behavioral science that creates the principles and platform to achieve these objectives.

Our curriculum is to the point and thought provoking. Much of what we have assumed to be instinctively known about ourselves or about our patients is based on assumption or a belief that is self limiting. Our workshops or lectures, weather small or large, are interactive and provide the participant the tools essential to make immediate changes and shifts that will bring transformational change.

Challenge yourself…challenge your practice…take an extraordinary journey!