Oral Systemic Health- Gum disease and heart disease have common denominators; high-risk oral pathogens, inflammation, a susceptible immune system, and genetics. Treating periodontal disease as a systemic disease allows high-risk patients the opportunity to experience a significantly greater degree of wellness.

Oral pathogens have a systemic impact.
Implementing simple clinical practices will reduce chronic disease for our patients.

Training - Consulting
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Oral systemic health training provides dentists and dental teams, evidence-based science, to convict them of the need to practice dental hygiene from a systemic disease platform. Our colleagues receive specific guidelines for determining who high-risk patients are, and how to provide the correct, effective therapy for high-risk oral pathogens.

Speaking -
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Oral health and heart disease will initiate a wide variety of topics that stem from the systemic translocation of periodontal high-risk pathogens. Presentations are based on current, scientific evidence, and an extensive background in oral-systemic medicine, and its application to your patients. Inspiration comes with stories and case histories, to make the subject come to life. Easy-to-implement steps, and clinical protocols, make transformational change simple!

About us -
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Dental education reaches new levels when a combined 65 years of clinical dentistry, extensive oral systemic post-graduate training, along with an infectious enthusiasm that has been shared with hundreds in ‘classroom’ environments… our experience will make this an inspiring event. Join the movement to reduce the impact of chronic disease in your community.

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